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The Cure For The Headache Of Marketing In Social Networks

The Cure For The Headache Of Marketing In Social Networks

Agorapulse will be your Batcave regarding managing your Social Networks with everything you need: from the most straightforward tools to the most complex to master all your campaigns in one place. Quickly access your social metrics Understand precisely who makes up your audience with just a glance. Take advantage of every opportunity with our monitoring and interaction functions designed specifically for each platform.

Identify your best content with a single click.

Our content reports allow you to identify which of your publications have the best results regarding reach, interaction and click in a given period. Do you need to share your results with your boss or team? It is straightforward with our downloadable reports.

Know what your audience prefers.

It does not make sense to publish content that does not give good results. Our smart tags feature allows you to create reports by type of material so you can analyze if those memes are helping you achieve the results you are looking for.

Easily customize your content for each social network.

Publishing a single piece of content for each Social Network is essential today. Agorapulse gives you superpowers so you can customize the message for each platform in Social Networks. Do you want to add tags on Twitter and not on Facebook? Doing it is a piece of cake.

Publish your content again and again automatically.

If you have the high content, it does not make sense to publish it only once to promote it. Add individual publication schedules, repeat them at pre-set times or add them to a publication row to be repeated indefinitely or even when you want.

Efficiently collaborate with your team.

Managing social networks as a team can be quite complicated. That is why we have created a workflow that allows you to approve drafts, look who has posted what and assigned access levels to each member of your team.