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The Cure For The Headache Of Marketing In Social Networks

Book Marketing In Social Networks

When the first edition of “Marketing with social networks ” was published in 2011, it was intended to become a guide accessible to all to learn how to make professional use of social networks. The publication was a success and copies are still being sold today. As is to be expected, it has rained a lot since then, and although it may seem that five years is a relatively short period, it is not like that if we talk about social networks, since these always change and offer updates almost every week. That is why it was necessary to renew this guide.

“Marketing in social networks” aims to be, therefore, an accessible and didactic manual for all those readers who want to develop their marketing plan in social networks. Conscious, as we have pointed out, of the vertiginous changes that take place in the digital environment, we have paid particular attention to the strategies to be developed at a global level and for each of the social networks, since these remain beyond the specific changes that are made. They produce at the interfaces of the platforms. However, among its pages, you will also find details for the use of the leading social networks, its most essential and exciting functionalities for companies, as well as the profile of users that are present in each one of them.